About Us

AJC Homes builds exceptional new homes for affordable housing providers.


Our Vision

Our business was founded with one clear vision; to become the leading builder of affordable housing across the Wessex Region; delivering homes of exceptional quality on time and to budget on behalf of and in collaboration with our customers and partners.

Our aim is to deliver lasting change, transforming lives and landscapes through partnerships that build vibrant affordable homes and sustainable communities. We work closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met to the highest of standards and we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and build quality.


Our Corporate Strategy

Open Communication

We believe the success of every project requires an ongoing dialogue with our customers based on clarity, integrity and ownership of individual and collective responsibility. This is why we believe it is important our clients and partners should be able to rely on director-level involvement throughout. Our Directors are involved with every project, utilising their experience and ensuring completion to exacting standards.

The sharing of knowledge and market intelligence plays a key role in the success of any business partnership. We believe through close and ongoing collaboration with our partners we can deliver homes of superior quality, culminating in a stress-free customer journey and fuelling an appetite for home building that can rival the industry’s best.

Transparency and continuous improvement principles are key to forging successful partnerships, principles that are fully embedded within the working culture of AJC Homes.

Delivering Excellence

Successful delivery is everything. We understand the absolute need to deliver an excellent home on time and to budget. We welcome our clients’ input throughout the process of every project; we understand that things may change but we always ensure to meet expectations whilst constantly aiming to exceed them.

Underpinning all we do is the commitment to provide a safe workplace environment for our team, supply chain and customers.

Raising Standards

The standard of housing associations’ work in the past decade has improved beyond recognition due to economies of scale during procurement. It is our job to continue to help drive that improvement. We are contractors that have a robust approach to innovation, quality control, corporate social responsibility and training; supporting our diverse communities and neighbourhoods at a micro-level and creating apprenticeships with genuine career prospects.

We work to achieve beyond compliance environmental standards, contributing towards sustainable and environmentally aware project delivery. This should be an industry standard but is quite often overlooked, we believe we can become the industry leaders in our region in this regard. This extends from promoting the use of sustainable materials to utilising local suppliers and monitoring our carbon impact of any given project.

Social Responsibility

We remain active in working closely with local communities and in improving those communities, not only through the buildings we construct but also by supporting local suppliers and subcontractors where ever possible.

We work closely with our supply chain partners to support growth in the local economy, to inspire and achieve the long-term benefits realised by recruiting and upskilling individuals. Keeping employment local enables the local economy to prosper from local projects. This process extends from the direct employment of our project team to key partners and specialist providers.

Working in collaboration with charities and community partners, we support the delivery of local projects that are aligned to enrich the needs and growth of the local economy. This includes key members of our team organising and taking an active role in our community give back days.